Partnerships for mutual benefits

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Fives Proabd Chemtec CTD Pitch Reforming-FIVES Fives in Chemtec

Fives’ customers must quickly adapt their technologies to new constraints in a constantly moving market. This requires to permanently anticipating the new needs and market trends. The collaborations whithin the Group as well as with other major industrial or academic players are key factors to successfully respond to these new challenges.

Fives Proabd Chemtec Guillou Loic-FIVES Fives in Chemtec

Every year Fives cooperates with a number of top-ranking universities and academic institutes to conduct studies, collaboration partnerships, contributions to think-tanks or hiring trainees to take part in our developments.
Such partnerships allow Fives to broaden its visibility in both academic and research oriented industrial fields and to be strongly involved in the pedagogic aspects. Fives contributes to the training of engineers to face the challenges of sustainable and responsible industrial design for future generations.
The new R&D premises of Fives in Mulhouse are also designed to be a mutualized laboratory platform within the Fives group. It opens new opportunities to engage in joint developments with sister companies. This ensures the benefit of strong R&D synergies to develop solutions for the entire industrial process’ value chain, and to ultimately allow improvement of our technologies with environmental performance benefits”

Loïc Guillou
Technology Manager, Fives Proabd