Base chemical market

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Base chemicals are corner stone of downstream commodities market which represent high volumes.

Base chemicals industry includes a wide variety of compounds and block-molecule produced in large quantity all over the world.

It covers not only minerals and gases but also a broad range of organic compounds and intermediates such as benzene, xylenes, phenols, organic acids, monomers for engineering polymers.
Organic base chemicals are entirely relying on petrochemical feedstock and, for specific compounds, on carbochemical resources.

The carbochemical resources are at the origin of all the chemical industry evolutions from the early 18th century until the development of petroleum based alternatives in the mid-20th century.

Even if the economy of base chemicals sector highly depends on the final demand and consumption rates, it has faced a global and constant overall growth of the market demand. Including petrochemical and polymer industries, it represents in Europe 60% of the whole chemical industry economy with an annual growth rate of around 3.5 %.

Innovation and R&D to meet high requirements and trends

Fives is constantly innovating to answer to the trend and demand for ever bigger and more efficient plants.

Advanced process tools are used to design the units in the most efficient way ensuring improved process integration, heat and material recoveries…

Advanced process control and production planning assistance tools are proposed in order to ensure optimal plant economics.

Opportunity for green development

Optimization of footprint and resource usage efficiency are key factors for improving the investments over the complete life cycle of the plant.

Fives accompanies its customers in case of raw material changes or mix by:

  • combining available processes to get the best possible result
  • designing solutions which are as much as tolerant as possible to feed characteristics changes

Processes Expertise

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