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The green industry represents an answer to constantly increasing demand for alternative and additional resources.

Annual growth rate in the green industry is estimated between 20 and 30 % for the next decade with high requirements in terms of development and process technologies due to:

  • Pressure and volatility of crude costs
  • Rarefaction of fossil resources and competition with energy applications
  • Dependency to a limited number of producers
  • Environmental impact
  • Development of local activities and shortening of distance to market

Bio-sourced compounds characteristics and costs still have to be improved to meet market requirements and compete efficiently with the traditional petrochemicals routes.
In 2010, the bio-market was estimated to represent about 2.4 billion USD. It regularly increases and is considered by the analysts as an attractive alternative for investments in a near future. The bio-market is expected to reach more than 26 billion USD in 2050.

The experts have established a list of the most promising building blocks on the route for enlarged industrial applications: 

Succinic acid             Xylitol
FuranicsLevulinic acid
Glycerol and derivativesLactic acid

The market is mainly driven by the polymer industry especially for packaging and service applications. The coproduction of bio-fuels and bio-chemicals should boost the development in the coming years within the frame of the development of full bio-refineries.

The purification: an essential link in bio-based chemistry

In most industrial processes, the production of bio-based compounds requires at least one step of separation and purification. The diversity of the biomass feedstock induces a broad diversity of compounds and impurities. Any impurity can dramatically modify the properties and behavior of the purification process of the target product.

Among all available technologies, the Proabd® Melt Static Crystallization (MSC) is an effective technology for purification and ultra-purification of organic compounds. High purity is one of the biggest challenges faced by the producers in this sector to make their chemicals products acceptable for the downstream applications.

Proabd® MSC has distinctive features to overcome this challenge:

  • No solvent
  • No mechanical stress
  • No thermal reaction

Thus, Proabd® MSC allows keeping the properties of the product unchanged without any degradation, even for the very sensitive chemicals.

The Proabd® MSC is adapted to the purification of:

  • Lactid
  • Succinic acid
  • HMF
  • Acrylic acid
  • Fatty acids
  • Several other products produced from a bio-based feedstock

Innovation and R&D to meet high requirements

Fives started to purify bio-based compounds more than a decade ago and continues to focus its efforts on improving and designing highly reliable and efficient solutions for the green industry by:

  • proposing lab and pilot tests but also perform tolling campaigns in a dedicated pilot unit to produce test load production
  • developing partnerships with both institutional and industrial customers to find and implement new applications

Opportunity for green development

The conversion of biomass in bio-sourced chemicals is a unique opportunity to reduce dependency to fossil feedstock and to replace them by environmentally friendly compounds, useful in many commodity goods.
Bio-based products valorization, separation and purification processes take a growing part in Fives’ activities.

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