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Specialty chemical industry includes an impressive amount of compounds and chemical products produced in variable quantities and for a broad range of applications.

Some products are commodities while others are highly innovative and generate high added value.
Specialty chemicals industry covers sectors as various as: perfumes, cosmetics, soaps or detergents, explosives, electronics, engineering plastics, adhesives, coatings or paintings, agrochemicals, food additives…
The specialty chemical industry developed in the late 70’s and today represents around 85 billion USD for which life sciences (pharma & agro) account for more than 80%. It is extremely linked and interconnected to end-users’ markets, highly influenced by customer’s requirements in terms of footprint, Social Responsibility and quality.
In Europe, this sector represents 40 % of the whole chemical industry economy.

Innovation and R&D to meet high requirements and trends

Fives is constantly innovating to meet the market trend and demand for faster, cheaper and more flexible units.
Advanced process tools are used to operate the unit in an optimized configuration in terms of process technology and costs.

The design is evolving to:

  • ensure process intensification
  • improve process integration, heat and mass transfer

Opportunity for green development

Energy efficiency is a strategic issue. It has to be considered from the very beginning, at conceptual design phase, for efficiency increase, cost savings and reduction of the environmental footprint.

Fives accompanies its customers by designing flexible & performing solutions.

Processes expertise

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