Dichlorobenzene (DCB) isomers separation and purification

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DCB is an important intermediate in the synthesis of different products for agrochemicals, petrochemicals, plastics, APIs (Active Pharmaceutics Intermediate) or chemical specialties.

DCB (DiChloroBenzene) is used in several industries which require good quality.
DCB can be obtained by reaction of chlorine (Cl2) on benzene.
But three isomers are produced: 1.2 (or ortho-)DCB, 1.3 (or meta-)DCB, and 1.4 (or para-)DCB, each one having different properties and characteristics.
The conventional distillation operation is not sufficient for the purification and separation of DCB isomers due to isomers with similar boiling points.

The Proabd® MSC is the technique of choice for achieving high purity requirements while offering smart solutions to technical constraints of the product.

The adaptable and versatile Proabd® MSC technology is advantageously combined with distillation to separate the three different isomers.

The pure ortho-DCB is obtained in a first distillation operation.

The remaining mixture of meta- and para-DCB cannot be separated by distillation and is treated by crystallization.

The mother liquor obtained is the eutectic mixture of meta- and para-DCB, and is splited by a second distillation unit by overtaking the eutectic.

The pure meta-DCB is purified in a second crystallization unit.

Thanks to the combination of Proabd® MSC and distillations, the recovery of the three DCB isomers with top qualities avoids either the sale of low price isomer mixture or the incineration of the unsold fraction.

  • Optimized energy consumption and recovery concepts
  • Technologies hybridization
  • Integration and implementation in existing units
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  • CAPEX optimization: a single shared equipment used for several processing steps and/or products
  • Optimal sequencing and controlling of the process steps: fully automated process
  • Very high recovery yield for all isomers
  • High purity products
  • Very high plant availability rate





The Proabd® MSC process is a leading technology for the separation and purification of halogenated and/or nitrated aromatic compounds.

  • Dichlorobenzene purification: Enichem, Italy - Metachem Products, U.S.A
  • Other halogenated and/or nitrated aromatics: SNPE, France - 3V SIGMA, Italy - Namhae Chemical Co., South Korea - Kothari Sugars and Chemicals Ltd, India - Enichem, Italy - Covalence, France - Korea Explosives Co., South Korea - Deepak Nitrile Ltd., India

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