High purity naphthalene production

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Naphthalene is the second largest by-product of Coal Tar Distillation.

Coal tar obtained as a by-product of Coke Oven Batteries (COB) is still the main source of naphthalene.

Some naphthalene can also be recovered from some petroleum products such as LFO from ethylene or naphtha crackers.

Naphthalene is an important product used in several industries which requires different purity grades.

Naphthalene grade
(crystallization point)
Main application
95.0% (77.7°C)Raw material naphthalene sulphonate production
(concrete super plasticizer)
97-98% (78.8-79.3°C)Alternative feed to ortho-xylene
for the production of phtalic anhydride
(plastic additive)
99.2% (79.8°C)Minimum quality required
for colorless applications
99.9% (80.2°C)Ultra high purity raw material
(pharmaceutical intermediates)

Fives proposes a synergic combination of rectification and crystallization to produce different grades of purified naphthalene.

The naphthalene is a typical aromatic product for which the Proabd® MSC process offers great purification potential. Melt Static Crystallization is the only available process to separate naphthalene from thionaphtene as it latter forms a solid solution with naphthalene.

Based on feed quality, Proabd® MSC can advantageously be combined with a rectification unit. The increase of purity requires additional crystallization stages. The unit can be designed for the production of different grades of naphthalene.

The purification unit is fully automated and controlled by the Proabd® MSC Process Control System.

  • Adapted to the purification of any feed quality, with initial naphthalene content ranging from 20% to 95%
  • Improved overall process efficiency
  • Minimized poly-nucleation and small size crystals proliferation
  • Industrial purification process operated very close to the theoretical optimum
  • Robust crystallizers adapted to difficult feeds
  • Unaffected purification performance when processing petrochemical naphthalene feeds or even mixed carbochemical and petrochemical feeds
  • Fully automated production thus reduced manpower


The Proabd® MSC process is the leading technology for naphthalene purification.

More than 30 Proabd® MSC naphthalene purification plants built around the world.

Rütgers VFT, France and Belgium – Koppers Ltd/Cindu, The Netherlands – Industrial Quimica Del Nalon, Spain – Deza/Strojimport, Czechoslovakia – Enichem, Italy – China Steel Chemical Corp., Taïwan – Sudarshan, India – Baosteel, P.R. China – Shatung, P.R. China – Severtar, Russia.

Studies for improvement and feed adaptation to Petro Naphthalene plants:

Advanded Aromatics, U.S.A. – Chemanol, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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