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Pitch is the main product obtained from Coal Tar Distillation.


The coke used in metallurgy for iron ore reduction is obtained by thermal treatment of metallurgical coal in Coke Oven Batteries (COB). As a result of this thermal treatment, 1,000 tons of metallurgical quality coal generate about 35 tons of crude coal tar. This crude tar is composed of about 50% of coal tar pitch and 50% of aromatic oils.

Coal tar pitch is a visco-elastic black polymer composed of high molecular weight polycyclic aromatics. It is solid at room temperature and liquid at higher temperatures.


Most of the coal tar pitch is used in aluminum smelters for the production of carbon anodes while the rest is used in the graphite industry either as binder or impregnation agent or for specialty applications.

Specialty pitch finds applications in cathodes and electrodes production, in paints and protective surface coating, but also in the composition of roof membranes or for the production of high performance fibers.

The Proabd® primary distillation is used to separate pitch from coal tar at the early stage of the coal tar processing.

The soft pitch obtained is sodium free. It keeps its intrinsic chemical properties unchanged and it can be upgraded by the Proabd® pitch reforming process.

The processed pitch can be stored and transported under liquid form, or, when required, under solid form after granulation.

Fives’ offer in Aluminum proposes additional technologies for liquid pitch storage at port and for pitch melters.

  • Pitch without added sodium
  • Easy adjustment of pitch softening point from 60°C to 140 °C (Mettler)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reduced dust and fumes emission during granulation
  • Water content  0.5% for solid granules


The Proabd® CTD processes are known as leading technologies for the production of a wide range of pitches.

Fives’ strong know-how and expertise are recognized worldwide by the major industrial players in the Chemical industry:

  • Jigang, Jinan, China
  • Angang Steel Co., Anshan, China
  • Anyang Baoshuo Tar Chemical Co., Anyang, China
  • Baosteel, Shanghaï, China
  • DEZA, Valasske Mezirici, Czech Republic

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