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Fives Proabd Chemtec Means-FIVES Fives in Chemtec

An answer fitted to customers’ demands

With lab facilities and pilot units, up-to-date software, and multi-sector competencies, Fives is able to have a pragmatic and tailor-made approach to meet customers’ requirements.

A strong team culture combined with multi-discipline international experience

Fives’ collaborators have acquired multi-discipline experience to meet the customer’s requirements. Chemtec activities are organized around a human-sized, motivated, flexible and responsive team.

Fives competences in process design and chemical engineering are recognized by customers, who renewed their confidence.

Once the process is defined, plant lay-out design plays a major role in the plant overall performance. Supported by our strong track records and constant feedback from customers, our mechanical engineers closely collaborate with process engineers to develop the best possible plant layout.

We have also developed, through the implementation of fully controlled and automated units, a strong expertise in Electricity, Instrumentation and Automation (EIA) of industrial processes.

Fives’ senior project managers are able to bring to our customers technical assistance and workflow control during all phases of a project.

Lab and pilot facilities

As a prerequisite to any technical proposal related to Proabd® processes, Fives carries out the necessary tests in its laboratory and/or pilot hall.

These tests are required to characterize precisely the products to be processed. Results collected from these tests will be used by process engineers as input data to define the process.

The Chemtec laboratory is equipped with Gas Phase Chromatograph. 

Standard laboratory methods

Our tests are carried out according to main standard European norms and methods, and to specific requirements of the project to ensure reliability and validity of the results and conclusions.

Dedicated software

Fives relies on up-to-date dedicated software: ASPEN, process data management, MSC simulation, instrumentation database, PDS, PDMS, AutoCAD, CAESAR, PIPESTRESS, Proabd® processes evaluation, site supervision database, etc.

All these software, in addition with our human skills and tests capabilities, reinforce our calculations and design capacities for process equipment sizing.

Dedicated procedures for tailor-made solutions

All Fives’ activities are conducted on the basis of specific procedures, instructions and documents adapted to its activities, and in accordance with the standard ISO 9001.

Based on these procedures and on our dedicated resources, Fives' Chemtec specialism is able to develop tailor-made manufacturing processes for each client.

Commited to excellence

The respect of the human rights and the protection of the environment are parts of Fives’ core culture. Our collaborators support such values and include them into the solutions proposed to our customers.

Fives is committed to develop and use state-of-the-art technologies to improve the safety of the plants and to minimize their environmental footprint.