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Fives Proabd Chemtec Process-FIVES Fives in Chemtec
Fives Proabd Chemtec Means-FIVES Fives in Chemtec

Chemical process engineering

Fives’ skills in chemical process engineering are based on historical processes combined with proprietary equipment, which have been developed during almost one century. Acknowledged technologies such as Proabd® MSC and CTD processes allow to obtain high quality products. Initially developed and used for the carbochemical industry and the valorization of coal chemicals, Proabd® MSC and CTD processes were extended over the years to many other applications and industrial sectors: petrochemicals, fine chemicals, food, pharmaceutical intermediates and green chemicals.

A multi-discipline experience

Fives has acquired a multi-discipline experience in industrial processes with personalized expertise. With more than one hundred industrial references over the world, Fives is established as a leading provider of technologies and as a serious partner for strategic investments and projects, either for Greenfield or Brownfield projects.
Fives also offers a broad scope of services such as conceptual studies, realization, revamping, debottlenecking or other usual process engineering services.

Custom-sized and optimized units

Through a global process optimization in terms of profitability and energy consumption, Fives takes into account the design and the combination of different processes and unitary chemical engineering operations, thus minimizing hazards and environmental footprint and integrating energy recovery concepts.

Meeting customers' requirements

From standard to tailor made items, Fives offers innovative solutions to optimize design, performances and investments. Fives establishes the optimal way of collaboration with each customer to provide the best solution in terms of time and costs.
Fives can also provide advice as a third party expert for technological evaluation.

Contractual performance guarantees

Fives develops innovative solutions focused on sustainable development to improve performance, reliability, flexibility and profitability, and to reduce operational and maintenance costs.




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