Industrial processes automation

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Fives Chemtec Expertise Process Automation-FIVES Fives in Chemtec

The growing complexity of technologies and the necessity of constant supervision of the installations require the definition of the right level of process automation.
Fives’ expertise in industrial process automation meets the demand of complete process units monitoring.

Optimized control systems for industrial units

Fives’ experts develop solutions for industrial process automation in accordance with international standards.
Fives solutions range from state of the art automation systems to design and supply of fully automated units including predictive control features.

Fully automated solutions for Proabd® MSC units

Proabd® MSC units can be operated at very low operating costs, without any manual intervention, thanks to relevant process automation systems.
Depending on the level of complexity required for specific productions, the automated plant management can be upgraded to include predictive automation, batch statistics analysis or preventive maintenance, warnings and alarms. Furthermore, Fives automation technologies are designed to allow redundancy and ease of installation, up-grade or direct hot-plug reinstallation procedures.

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