A leading expertise in separation and purification

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A strategic step in chemical industry

For chemical industries, the separation and purification of compounds are very important steps and involve effective and adapted technologies at all stages. The efficient design and implementation of these technologies require specific experience and expertise.

Fives Proabd  Chemtec Expertise Separation and Purification 2-FIVES Fives in Chemtec

At the design stage, Fives develops units to meet customers’ ever more stringent requirements at any stage of the production chain:

  • Reduction of environmental impact
  • Reduction of footprint
  • Cost optimization
  • Quality optimization

A large experience in separation and purification

Fives has a broad experience in defining and selecting the best available technology or combination of technologies. Specialists in separation and purification will carry out tests and feasibility studies in order to propose the optimized and the most cost-effective solution. These studies integrate material and energy optimization to obtain high recovery rates. These solutions allow in the same time the compensation of the scarcity of several resources.
Fives’ expertise in heat and mass transfer enables our customers to get capital and operational gains and, as a result, to be more competitive on the market.

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