The Proabd® Melt Static Crystallization (MSC)

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Separation and purification by crystallization

The Fives’ Chemtec specialism proposes proprietary Proabd® Melt Static Crystallization (MSC) processes and equipment for the separation and purification of numerous chemical products.

Untill the 50’s, most chemical products were obtained from carbochemical activities (coal to coke conversion). The Proabd® processes for Melt Static Crystallization were first used for the purification of coal tar derivatives such as naphthalene or anthracene.

Starting from 1950, petrochemical products progressively replaced carbochemical, allowing the development of other chemical specialties. Over the years, Proabd® MSC has been successfully applied to the purification of petrochemicals, fine chemicals, food or pharmaceuticals intermediates.

Today, the latest trend is to partially shift and diversify from a petrochemical to a bio-sourced origin for the platform molecules.

Proabd® MSC aims at separating and purifying products in one or several stages, depending on targeted product quality and recovery yield.

Today, more than 70 industrial installations implementing the Proabd® MSC are operating worldwide.

Continuous process optimization

Thanks to its laboratory and pilot hall dedicated to Research & Development programs, Fives is constantly improving Proabd® MSC.

The purification process is performed in a specifically designed vessel equipped with enhanced internals. It allows a very high heat exchange surface to volume ratio and thus a precise control of the temperature and crystal’s growth.

Improved performance

  • Higher yield and purities achievable
  • Optimized crystal growth and size through enhanced heat transfer
  • Up to 50% lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Flexible unit allowing multi-products and multiple grades manufacturing


Fives Proabd  Chemtec Expertise Separation and Purification 2-FIVES Fives in Chemtec

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