Lab tests for purification by MSC

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From product characterization and tests to industrial unit design

Fives supports and develops its own technology for the separation and purification of chemicals and products by Proabd® Melt Static Crystallization (MSC).

Fives' tests are based on expertise, acknowledged know-how and on laboratory and pilot capabilities. Fives proposes to

  • determine the characteristics of products,
  • carry-out tests
  • issue asserted feasibility study and performance guarantees.

Such steps are compulsory for a good understanding of the key mechanisms required for any further process design or product treatment.
It allows customers to benefit from the best available solution and investment evaluation for their project.
Fives takes into account customer’s requirements in terms of purity, recovery yield, capacity, flexibility... Fives’ experts also consider multiple grades production opportunities, further potential upgrade or evolution of the unit.
If necessary, per-industrial tests can be carried out on Proabd® MSC µ-Plant.

A large expertise in design and scale-up

Proabd® MSC has been successfully designed, implemented and used at industrial scale for the purification of several products, including very sensitive, reactive or high temperature melting point products.
Fives’ expertise, tests protocols, as well as specific characteristics of its proprietary equipment, allow a  accurate scale-up from pilot test to industrial unit, which has been confirmed on all Proabd® industrial plants.

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