Pitch and raw materials characterization

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Fives Proabd Chemtec Service characterization Pitch Evolution-FIVES Fives in Chemtec
Fives Chemtec Services Lab Test Evolution-FIVES Fives in Chemtec

Fives' long term expertise allows performing dedicated tests and providing customers with a personal, tailored advice.

Pitch and raw materials evaluation

Fives designs process equipment for the production of all grades of pitch, coal tar derivatives and anodes. Fives’ teams have a unique expertise to evaluate the specific properties of such materials, which is strategic to determine their application potential in respect to market requirements. Such evaluations are also performed to assess the opportunity to adapt up-stream or down-stream processes.

Several characterizations and tests can be carried out according to standardized tests, including:

  • Coal tar analyses
  • Pitch characterization

Thanks to an internal database, Fives can compare the results with industrial specifications and other quality guidelines.
Such service is customized to meet customers’ needs and to allow them improving their unit performances.

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