Dedicated optimization service

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Fives Proabd Chemtec Service Optimization-FIVES Fives in Chemtec
Fives Proabd Chemtec Service Tolling Production Operation-FIVES Fives in Chemtec

Process audit – De-bottlenecking assistance

Fives offers process audits and can perform process simulations to provide operational assessments and process recommendations.

Unit’s intelligent automation

The automation system controls all equipment to provide:

  • A real time view of the process
  • Continuous monitoring of critical parameters
  • Trouble free production
  • Multi-variable predictive control

It includes various communication protocols fully operational and compatible with existing systems.
The design is performed in the way of interoperability integration.
Fives’ expertise allows customers to take benefit of a trouble free production including multi-variable predictive control.

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